Dreamhost Coupon Codes and Review

I have been using Dreamhost for almost two years now and would like to share my experiences with DreamHost’s Shared Hosting Plans and tell you a little about their services. A full review is below, but first the Dreamhost Coupon Codes:

  • TIGERC The Dreamhost coupon code tigerc gives you TWO free domain registrations.
    This can be great for those who want to start their own site, but don’t have a domain yet. Using Dreamhost’s one-click installs, you can be up and running quickly and easily, with your very own wordpress blog.
  • TIGERB The Dreamhost coupon code tigerb gives you 50% more bandwidth free.
    This is great for those with high traffic sites and remember that with Dreamhost, you bandwidth and diskspace quota increases every month, so this coupon code is a great value.
  • TIGERIP The Dreamhost coupon code tigerip gives you a free unique IP address with your hosting plan.
    From an SEO standpoint, this can be very important and is a great value.

To use these Dreamhost coupon codes, simply visit DreamHost and check out their hosting plan. Once you see what is included, click sign up and enter the Dreamhost coupon code where it says “Promotional Code.”

I will add more DreamHost Coupons, so make sure to check back and if you need any help or have any questions, please leave a comment with your email address and I will get back to you as soon as possible

DreamHost Review: The Good

Now on to the review. I first started using Dreamhost about a year ago, when I no longer had the time to maintain my own servers. I was pleased with how quickly and easily it was to sign up and with the packages they offer. This is because Dreamhost is, to my knowledge, the only company that offers increasing bandwidth and disk space every month. This means your hosting plan literally grows as your sites go.

Another big selling point is that Dreamhost uses Debian Linux on their servers. I have been using Linux at home, both for servers and desktop for several years and so this was very important to me. Linux is much more secure and better able to handle server loads than a Windows server would. This also means that you can take advantage of the many useful tools available for Linux. The ability to SSH into my server was also a must, because like I said, I have been using Linux for awhile now and like to get my hands dirty.

I also take advantage of their email service, which allows you to create an unlimited number of accounts. They offer pop and imap and a web interface. I don’t typically use Dreamhost’s webmail interface, but the last time I did, it was using Squirrelmail. They also offer the option to use Google Gmail on your domain. I tried this when I first signed up, but didn’t like the fact that you were actually logging into google and not your site. It seemed unnecessary, although it does mean you get to take advantage of all the cool Gmail features.

They also offer unlimted MySql Databases and again, if you are comfortable using the Linux Bash Shell, you can log into the server and access them from the shell. Otherwise, it is possible to create and manage your Mysql Databases from the Dreamhost Webpanel, which uses phpMyAdmin.

This brings me to Dreamhost’s webpanel, which I really like. It is easy to navigate and does pretty much anything you would want. From managing your email and sql, to updating your robots.txt file or .htaccess files, it can all be done using a simple point and click interface. Dreamhost also offers a free flash based media player, which can convert your avi files to flash quickly and easily.

The Goodies Section of Dreamhost’s Webpanel is also pretty neat. They make setting up cron jobs easy and also allow you to set up Jabber Instant Messages on your domains. For those who want more control over their sites, Subversion, which is a version control program, can also be set up very easily.

Also included in Dreamhost’s Goodie Section, is a large list of One-Click Installs. You can quickly and easily set up Wordpress, phpBB, ZenCart, Joomla, Pligg, and many other open source softwares. It has typically went very smoothly and even though they say it might take 15 to 30 minutes, it has always moved much quicker than that. You can also update the software using the Webpanel.

Backing up your account. This is really important and something I do on a very regular basis. Dreamhost makes this very easy, by backing up your sites for you. All you have to do is push a button and your sites, including databases, are quickly backed up.

DreamHost Review: Contact With Support

I have overall had a very wonderful experience using Dreamhost. The only real issue I ever had was when I first joined with them. I noticed that my sites were moving pretty slow and after doing some troubleshooting I my end I contacted support. They quickly got back to me, much faster than expected, and discovered that the MySql server I was on was acting up. They transferred me to a new server and since then, I have not had any problems. I monitor my sites and have only had a notice pop up once that the site was down and this must have been a hicup, because when i checked it, it was back up.

I have also had a few questions for Dreamhost support, which they have always answered quickly and professionally. Dreamhost also maintains a Support Wiki, which I used when first getting started to answer my questions.

About Unlimited Services

Like pretty much all hosts today, Dreamhost offers ‘Unlimited’ everything. This is something often debated on forums and social sites, because of course none of these hosts, Dreamhost included, are really offering unlimited bandwidth. If you set up an account that only transfers large files or otherwise is intended just to eat up bandwidth, they will probably ask you to switch to a private server. This only makes sense though, because if you own this type of site, you should have your own server anyway. Dreamhost states that for most users, unlimited really does mean unlimited and vow that as long as you aren’t breaking their Terms of Service, they won’t just boot you, but will instead talk with you over it.


Overall, I have had a great experience with DreamHost and will continue to use them. Eventually, I would like to have my own servers, but right now, this is not practical. Other than the MySql issue, which took them less than an hour to identify and fix, I haven’t ever really had any problems. The only other issue I have had was back when I was using wordpress 2.* something, not the current one, I couldn’t update the sites using Dreamhost’s built in auto-update feature and instead had to do it manually. I think this was my fault anyway, because I changed my wordpress installation folder, but all it meant is that I had to do the update myself.

DreamHost also offers Private Servers and Virtual Private Servers, which are available for those with high traffic sites or those who want increased seo value.

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