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Diabetes and its Causes

Diabetes Mellitus can be a very serious disease that has a major impact on ones life, but with proper treatment and attention to detail, most are able to live a largely healthy and active life. While the exact causes of diabetes are not known, there are a number of similarities that can be seen among those who have diabetes and there are a number of risk factors that can increase the risk of diabetes.

History of Scuba Diving Part 1: Diving Bells and Snorkels

Scuba diving is a very popular sport and many people participate in it all across the world. Even though the scuba diving system of today, where a diver is able to carry an air tank underwater, is relatively new, humans have been experimenting with diving since the beginning of time. The snorkel and diving bell are some of the earliest diving apparatuses used by mankind.

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Replacing a Serpentine Belt Tensioner Assembly on a 2004 Toyota Camry

Removing a broken tensioner assembly on a 2004 Toyota Camry is not very difficult, but you do need to raise the engine to get to one of the bolts. The tensioner assembly holds the drive belt, or serpentine belt, in place, driving the alternator, Air Conditioning, and other components. A diagram for the serpentine belt is also included in this how to guide.

Cleaning the MAF Sensor and Replacing O2 Sensor on Mazda B4000

When the check engine light comes on, a dirty Mass Air Flow Sensor or bad Oxygen Sensor is a common cause. Checking and cleaning a MAF Sensor can save several hundred dollars and is very easy. Replacing a bad Oxygen Sensor is also a quick fix

Arthritis and its Effects on Seniors

Arthritis is a family of diseases that can affect people of all ages. Often, those who first hear about this type of rheumatoid disorder consider it to be something that only is found in the elderly. This is largely because seniors are the most at risk age group for arthritis, with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis being the most common kinds of senior arthritis.

Living With Arthritis Pain

Arthritis can be a very serious disease that there is no cure for. To reduce reliance on medicine and help improve quality of life, reducing the difficulty of activities of daily living can be very important.

How to Raise Chickens for Eggs

Raising your own chickens can be very rewarding. If done correctly, you will receive a regular supply of fresh eggs, which do not compare to the store bought eggs. The eggs are very nutritious and great for baking, but best of all you know exactly what the chickens are fed and how they are raised. It is easy to quickly get to the point where you have more eggs than you can use. When raising chickens for eggs, it is important to understand how chickens lay eggs and how to correctly harvest and use them.

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