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What is Osteoarthritis?

There are more than 100 different kinds of arthritis and it can affect people of any age, but arthritis is most common among the elderly. Of the more than 100 different kinds of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common, representing the majority of all cases.

The Effects of Arthritis on the Body

Arthritis is a very serious disorder, which can affect people of any age, but is most common among the elderly. There are many types of arthritis, but typically arthritis causes joint pain, joint inflammation, and damage to joints, which greatly affects the lives of those with the disease.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis refers to a relatively large group of diseases that typically affect the joints. Arthritis is often looked at as a disease of the elderly, which in part is true, but arthritis can affect people of any age.

What is Osteoporosis?

One of the most common diseases that affects seniors is osteoporosis, which is a type of bone disorder that results in much weaker bones. As a result of this diseases, it is much more common to experience fractures from falls, even if it is a very low impact fall.

Basic Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

It can be very frustrating to turn on the AC only to have only hot air blow out or even nothing at all. If you are familiar with how Air Conditioners work, it is possible to preform some basic troubleshooting procedures and often discover the problem.

An Introduction to Air Conditioning Systems

An air conditioner is a very important part of most homes in the United States and other Western Countries. These devices are essential for keeping us cool, which can often directly affect health and well being. Learn about some basic air conditioning components.

Types of Air Conditioning Compressors

Air Conditioners have become a key component to most Western Countries, which is essential for keeping us cool. At the heart of any modern Air Conditioner sits some sort of Compressor. There are five basic types of compressors, which are described in this article.

Protecting Your Credit Card Number From Identity Theft

Since credit card theft is the most common kind of identity theft, it is very important to be careful about how you use your credit card. It is not always possible to prevent credit card theft, but often, by taking some simple precautions, credit card theft can be thwarted.

How to Clone a Credit Card

More and more, law enforcement agencies across the world are seeing identity theft that is much more technologically advanced than before, with many criminals making clones of credit cards. When done correctly, a cloned credit card can be very difficult to detect.

Credit Card Cloning: Getting the Credit Card Number

One of the biggest hurdles for a criminal committing identity theft is obtaining credit card numbers to commit fraud with. However, Unfortunately, this is not really all that difficult to do. Once obtained, criminals can use these numbers to clone the credit card, which is basically making an identical copy, or they can just use it to commit card not present fraud.

The Dangers of Relying on Insecure Identifiers

With identity theft being an increasingly large problem all over the world, it may come as a surprise that most of the identifiers used, such as birth certificates and social security numbers, are not really all that well protected. Further, often these identifiers were never actually intended to be used to confirm identity in the first place, but despite this they are used by many businesses.

Types of Identity Theft: Wholesale Identity Theft

One of the most serious kinds of identity theft is wholesale identity theft, which involves completely taking over someones identity. This is a much more time consuming type of identity theft, especially since the criminal must actually build credit first, but it is also the most profitable for criminals.

Types of Identity Theft: Application Fraud

While not always the most common type of identity theft, application fraud, which involves starting new lines of credit in someone else's name, is very serious and very advanced, as the rewards for potential criminals is much higher.

Types of Identity Theft: Account Takeover

There are many types of Identity Theft. One of the most common and easiest types of identity theft is account takeover. This is often a much simpler and more personal type of identity theft, but costs millions of dollars every year.

Hacking the Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

More and more when trying to secure information, people are turning to biometric security. The fingerprint scanner is very popular and is included on many laptops, but currently, most fingerprint scanners are fairly easy to hack.

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