Danish Students Allowed to Use Internet During Final Exams

Denmark has long been a leader when it comes to Universal Healthcare and employment, as well as having a very strong education system. Now, they are again leading the pack by allowing students to use the Internet during their final exams. This represents a very real grasp of the true role of higher education in the 21st century and how the real world actually works.

A Closer Look at the Death Tax

The death tax is a tax that is passed onto the family of those who die, taxing the value of a persons estate if it is higher than a certain deductible. The death tax, or estate tax, can account for a significant chunk of a persons wealth and includes taxes on all of their property and gifts.

Risks and Advantages of Investing in Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a investment device that groups together a pool of money from different investors, using this pool to purchase stocks and bonds. The larger pool of money gives the mutual fund much more purchasing power than any single investor could have, as well as providing a more hands off approach to purchasing stocks.

How the Estate Tax Works

The Estate Tax or death tax, as it is usually referred to, is a tax designed to tax a persons estate after they die, with rates of between 18% and 45%, depending on the value of the estate. This is a federal tax, but most states also have a similar type of tax set up as well. In terms of tax codes, the estate tax is set to lapse for one year, starting in 2010, but politicians are working to reinstate it during this period.

What to Consider When Creating an Estate Plan

Estate planning is the process of deciding how your property, both real and intangible, will be divided upon your death. This is a very important process, as an estate plan is one of the only ways to ensure your property is divided fairly and to limit the amount of taxes the government takes when you die.

What is a Mutual Fund?

A Mutual Fund is a popular investment tool, which can help create a diversified investment portfolio, with little technical knowledge on the part of the individual investor. There are risks, however, of a more hands-off approach, as well as advantages for using a mutual fund.

Why is Estate Planning Important?

Estate Planning is a very important process in the United States and is basically a legally binding plan that describes how a persons assets will be divided. Without estate planning, it is not possible to guarantee that your property will be fairly divided and to try to minimize any taxes.

Avoiding Predatory Lenders and Subprime Mortgages

When purchasing a home with a mortgage or, for that matter, taking out any loan, it is important to avoid predatory lenders and subprime loans. These are loans and lenders that do not have the best interest of the borrower in mind and can end up being incredibly costly.

Types of Businesses: Partnerships and S Corporations

When more than one person is involved, the risk of business is usually spread out among the different people involved with the business. Two types of businesses where there are usually more than two people involved are partnerships and S Corporations.

Reestablishing Credit After Bankruptcy

After a person files bankruptcy, which a legal definition that is used to describe a person that is unable to pay their debt, many people avoid using credit all together. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing, as even though you avoid the beast that got you in trouble in the first place, if you need to use it again, you will not be able to get it right away.

Finding the Best Mortgage Rate

When purchasing a home with a mortgage or any large investment made using credit, the interest rate is one of the most important factors. Finding the best mortgage rate can be difficult though, as interest rates can change on a very rapid basis.

Types of Businesses: Sole Proprietorships

A Sole Proprietorship is one of the most common types of small businesses and is one that is started by a single individual, with no partners. This can include an actual brick and mortar business, but also things like consultants or independent contractors.