What is Art?

Art is something that is in truth not very easy to define. That is to say, much of art is subjective and since each person's preferences are different, what is art to one, might not be art to another. Understanding this is essential to understanding what art is.

Understanding and Appreciating Tribal Art

Some of the oldest examples of art are those created by what would be today considered rather primitive cultures. This tribal art was often intended to tell a story or help preform a ritual. Understanding and appreciating this art is therefore something that can sometimes take a very deep understanding of the culture that created it.

The Industrial Revolution and the Subsequent Increase in Work Related Accidents

With the addition of the steam engine to manufacturing processes, the speed at which tasks could be completed rapidly increased. This was fueled by machinery that was very dangerous and there were few protections put in place for workers, many of whom were young children.

An Introduction to the Industrial Revolution

Prior to the 1760's, most manufacturing was done on a relatively small scale, usually taking place in homes or small workshops. However, with the invention of the steam engine and the application of it to the manufacturing industry, the efficiency of production grew almost overnight, marking the begging of the industrial revolution.

Why People Create Art

There are many different types of artwork and countless artists, often with a very wide variety of reasons for creating their artwork. Understanding the artists reasons for making the piece of art can be extremely important for appreciating it.

Common Concepts Used when Evaluating Artwork

While enjoying art is something that anyone can do, describing what you like about a piece of art and why it touches you is not always so easy. It is also important to not just look at the art work, but to also understand the context in which it was made and compare it to other pieces of art.

Egyptian Art and its Symbolism

Egyptian artwork and culture is something that has fascinated mankind for centuries. Their artwork typically was designed to serve a purpose that was tightly tied to the Egyptians religion.

Architecture and History of Precolonial America

Precolonial American Architecuture is almost as amazing as that of the Egyptians and consists of many similar themes, such as the use of Pyramids. Much of this culture has been lost, however, in part due to the Spanish Conquest of the area.

A Look at Egyptian Architecture

Few cultures have been as interesting to mankind as the Egyptians. Egypt is home to many wonders, including large pyramids and intricate tombs of the pharaohs who once ruled the area. Egyptian architecture is one of the oldest types of architecture.

A Look at Building Materials Used in Architecture

In architecture, the building material used often greatly varied by location. For example, in Europe where wood was plentiful, most buildings were constructed using wood. However, in places like Iraq, using brick made from sand was more common.

Understanding the Evolution of Architecture

Architecture is one of the most interesting and often unappreciated types of art. Even today, architecture is continually evolving, closely intertwined with technology.