President Obama, Thanks For Having an Open Discussion

This week, President Obama had an open talk with Republicans, where they were given a chance to ask him questions, most of which centered around GOP talking points, with the President responding to each point in turn. Now, this probably sounds normal to people in other countries, but if you live in the United States, you know this is simply not how politics are done. American Politicians don't debate, they parrot, and if they do debate it is not in a room of people who are their detractors. So, this congres

Since When is a False Dichotomy Accepted as a Good Argument for Health Care?

Currently, the Democratic PR Machine is kicking into high gear, attempting to get support behind the travesty they call health care reform. A big argument that many are making is that we should simply support this bill, as otherwise the conservatives will be emboldened during the next election and the Democrats will loose seats. Well, to even suggest that we should accept a bill simply because it sticks it to the other side, is an affront to our alleged democracy and shows just how deeply the partisan menta

Stock Prices Rise as Congress Funnels Money to the Insurance Companies

With the unveiling of the Senates House Care Plan, stock prices have steadily raised at the big insurance companies, providing a nice indication of who this bill will really help out. As the big insurance companies are set to get millions of new customers, it is clear who our politicians work for.

How About Some of That Transparency President Obama?

If you have only been following the main stream media networks, than you might not have heard about ACTA, which is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. ACTA is a world wide treaty that is being decided behind closed doors and without any transparency. When confronted with requests to make information about this treaty, which has very far reaching effects into Internet Privacy, President Obama's Administration borrowed a line from Bush and made it clear that by not releasing information they are protecti

With the Public Option Dead, the True Leaders of the Country are Revealed

With the announcement that the public option is dead, it has become clear how much control corporate interests truly have over our government. What was once a nation for the people by the people, has become a country ruled by greed and deception. Sadly, our representatives do not represent us, the people, but the interests of those with the deepest pockets.

An Open Letter to Governor Perdue: This is a Dangerous Precedent in Violation of the Constitution

Governor Beverly Perdue is the current governor of the State of North Carolina. Recently, several inmates have petitioned the sate for their freedom, in accordance with the laws they were sentenced under. However, rather than accept the decision of the court and follow the letter of the law, Governor Perdue is unjustly blocking these prisoners from being released. Sadly, this is not just about some inmates being released, but has much deeper implications.