Since When is a False Dichotomy Accepted as a Good Argument for Health Care?

With the much of the public against the current health care bill, which funnels money into private insurance, the Democrats seem to have started a PR campaign, making arguments along the lines that "If the bill is not passed, the right will be emboldened," resulting in loosing seats in the coming election.

This argument presents a false dichotomy, which nicely illustrates exactly what is wrong with our political system.

To even suggest that we should support a bill, not for its content, but because it might make the other side stronger, is an incredibly dangerous argument and does a disservice to the American People, not to mention the very basis that our nation was once founded on.

To even suggest that we should play political games just to stick it to the conservatives, while ignoring the effects it will have on our society and the average citizen, is a perfect example of EXACTLY what is wrong with our political system.

If the Democrats were really worried about sticking it to the Republicans, that perhaps instead of kowtowing to corporate interests, they could enact real change. If the Democrats were really worried about sticking it to the Republicans, then they would be using their current majority, in the same manner the Republicans have always done when they held a majority.

I am offended that people would even suggest that we should not speak our mind or vote against an outright affront to our civil liberties, simply so the Democrats can save a few seats in the coming interim election.

The fact that those who call themselves liberals would even for a minute suggest that we pass a bill purely for a black and white political gain, in a system that is truly one color to begin with, shows exactly who we do not need to be voting for in the intern elections.

This attitude is not only dangerous, but makes it pretty clear that those making it are not really qualified to be making any political decisions as it is. Further, it shows that many on the left are just as blinded by idiotic partisanship as those on the right, whom they routinely demonize for the same.

Why the Rush

Further, the health care bill does not even go into effect for FIVE years, so why should we feel rushed to push a bill that many feel is flawed onto the American People?

Of course it is likely for the reasons above, to show that the Democratic Majority is not ineffective. If this bill was ever truly about doing the right thing, if the bill was ever truly intended to help reign in the out of control insurance industry, if this bill was truly intended to actually help the American People, then there would be blind rush to pass something.

However, since the bill has been gutted and only includes token changes to the system, without really addressing the main issues, while being rushed through without any oversight, it is clear that the political motivations of those involved overshadows any of their other intentions. As such, to even submit that we should pass this bill is an affront to the principals that our country was founded on, but have been repeatably trampled by those we elect to support them.

But Look at the Good the Bill Does

President Obama recent came out with a short speech, which he posted on Youtube, detailing why we should support this bill. The basic gist of this argument is that the protections in the bill represent the "Patients Bill of Rights," which provide protections from the insurance industry.

Well, Mr. President, I think the picture you painted was quite nice. However, to suggest that having a mechanism to ensure that insurance companies do not simply raise rates and drop their customers when they get sick, or to suggest that providing a way for the insured to dispute the claims of insurance in a timely fashion can only be achieved by funneling new customers directly to the companies that have already shown they have little concern for the well being of their customers is disingenuous at best, although it is true enough in that it provides a perfect example of who controls our government.

Indecently, the lobbyists you mention that have been pushing their agenda for the past twenty years, well they are still doing it now. You seemed to gloss over that point.

You state that these reforms have always been opposed and shot down by the lobbyists that control our government, while ignoring the fact that the same lobbyists are currently writing this bill and visiting you in the White House. You state that we should simply ignore the bad about the bill, because it makes changes that should have been made decades ago, is good enough reason to pass it.

If the Politicians truly cared about the American People, these changes would be passed no matter what the lobbyists say, yet this is clearly not how our system works.

Well Mr. President, I feel the false dichotomy you present is only slightly better than the one that the Democrat PR Machine has been pushing regarding the importance of not letting the other side win.

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