When with the Media Giants Stop Fighting Change and Embrace It?

Historically, the media industry, including movies, television, and music, have fought modern distribution channels at every breath, in an attempt to maintain their outdated business model. This can be seen time and time again, from the development of the tape cassette, videos, DVDs, CDs, and now online streaming media.

New Voice Recognition Search Engine Being Developed

Some very exciting voice recognition research is currently being preformed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis, where instead of trying to match known words, the words are first broken down into syllables, allowing for a much more robust solution that the common dictionary approach. Currently, a search engine is being created that analyzes television broadcasts, as these are often much clearer and the speakers tend to enunciate better.

Why I Didn't Buy a Lenovo Laptop

This post is a little bit of a change of pace from my usually health related posts, but describes my experience with Lenovo and why I chose to not purchase a computer from them and instead found a company that was willing to support me.

System76 Pangolin Performance Laptop Review

A few weeks ago(04/01/2009) I purchased a Laptop from System76, which is a company that sells laptops, desktops, and servers with Linux Preinstalled. I went with the Pangolin Performance and have been very satisfied with the way everything works and its usability. This article is a review of my Pangolin Performance.

I am Trying to Like You Bing, Honest, But You Don't Make it Easy!

It is day one of my switch from Google to Bing and I must say, there are several things I find troubling with the way Microsoft is running Bing. I want it to be great and I want it to take over some of my search share, but it is not easy to look past its problems and what I feel are violations of my trust.

How to Calculate Ohms

Ohms are a unit of measurement that is used to describe an objects electrical resistance to a current. Ohms law is a formula that can be used to determine an objects ohms, resistance, or voltage, providing the correct variables are known. Calculating Power, or Wattage, is also described in this article.

How Electricity Works: Amps Voltage and Resistance

An electric charge is often described by its Amperage or Voltage. This can affects the way a current of electricity flows and is also affected by other factors, such as resistance.

What is an Electrical Current?

Electricity is to many people a very mysterious type of technology and often little is known about it other than when you plug things into the wall, they use electricity. There are several ways to measure an electrical charge, but most often the current is used. The current describes the number of moving particles in a charge and can be affected by many things, such as conductivity and insulation.

How Does Electricity Work

Electricity has become an incredibly important tool used in almost all aspects of our life, but if you ask the average person "How Does Electricity Work?" or "What is Electricity?", they may not be able to answer you. This article describes what makes up an electric charge.

Dreamhost Coupon Codes and Review

Dreamhost is a company that offers website hosting, including private servers and shared hosting. This is a review of their service and includes some Dreamhost coupon codes that can save you big!

Improving the Dog Wheelchair

It is often said that dog is mans best friend. They can be very rewarding and are incredibly loyal, so when a dog gets injured, it can be very devastating to both the owner and the dog. Taking care of an injured dog can be very hard and means a very large commitment. It can also be very expensive. For example, a wheelchair for a dog can cost over a thousand dollars. Recently a bioengineer at the University of Louisville set out to create an affordable dog wheelchair.

ITIL: The Information Technology Infrastructure Library

In this ever growing world of corporate entities, it is not hard to see why the idea of saving money, using less resources, and still providing quality services is a popular concept. For some the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is seen as the holy grail of Information Technology Management, having been credited with both controlling costs and allowing companies to run a more efficient IT operation.

Using an Onscreen Keyboard in Ubuntu

Today, people use computers for many tasks. Using email, it is possible to stay connected with people all over the World and exchange information in real time. The Internet can also be an excellent source of information and offers the ability to explore and learn. There are several ways to control computers, but the most common is the keyboard and mouse. However, for many using this control setup might not be possible, so many types of alternate controls have been developed. This includes specially made

Installing New Programs in Ubuntu

Linux is an open source operating system that offers a very powerful desktop and server environment. One of the great things about Linux is all of the open source utilities and programs that can be quickly and easily downloaded. If you use Ubuntu Linux, which is a very easy to use Linux Distribution, there are two Graphical Interfaces that can be used to quickly download new programs.