Mike Utley: A True Mobility Hero

When many people think of heroes, they consider the fireman who rushes into a burning house to save a baby or a soldier who sacrifices himself so that his bodies can live, but there are many different types of heroes and Mike Utley is a hero. Mike Utley is a former NFL player who, after an injury in the late eighties, was left paralyzed from the legs down. Many when faced with a life changing situation, might be tempted to give up, but Mike Utley has continued fighting to improve his life and the lives o

A Brief History of the Paralympics

The Olympic Games is an event that is held once every four years. It dates back over a hundred years and is based off of games held by the Ancient Greeks. Many different sports make up this international event, which is a great source of pride for many people. While many people have heard of the Olympics, up until recently there were probably some that had never heard of the Paralympics. The Paralympics is also an international event, but the athletes of the Paralympics are all mobility challenged in one

Wonderful Water Weekend

Being mobility challenged can mean that there are some things you can't do, but there are a whole host of opportunities that are available. Wheelchair sports have been very popular for over fifty years and today are a part of most forms of rehabilitation. They can have tremendous effects not only on a person physically, but also mentally. Water sports are one type of sport that can be participated in by all people. This includes things like skiing and wake boarding. One organization, the Adaptive Adventu

Eye Tracking Technology Helps Girl Speak

There are many people who are unable to speak or have difficulty doing so. Using eye tracking technology, a girl that might have never been able to speak has just been given the opportunity to explore the World. This young child is using a new system that integrates an software accessibility suite called Grid 2 with eye tracking technology.

Blood Age Linked to Infections in Transfusions

A doctor at Cooper University Hospital released a report this week, which shows that the age of blood can directly affect the health of a blood transfusion recipient. This study states that the currently accepted 42 day shelf life, might actually be too much. Instead, this report seems to indicate that blood over thirty day old can cause infections.

Scuba Diving for the Mobility Challenged

There are many sports or activities that are available for people in wheelchairs. Many of which date back to the nineteen-forties. This includes sports like tennis and basketball. Most doctors that deal with head and spinal cord injuries agree that exercises plays several important roles in recovery. Scuba diving is one sport that has shown a lot of potential to aid in recovery. One of the great things about scuba diving, and swimming in general, is the weightlessness that is experienced. With scuba

Headphones Could Play Havoc with Pacemakers

The pacemaker is a device that is implanted into the body and is designed to ensure that a persons heart rate remains regular. There are many devices that can interfere with a pace maker. Adding to this list, a recent study has reported that the magnet in a set of headphones can adversely effect a pacemaker. A pacemaker is a device that is installed in the body and can physically stimulate the heart. Electrodes are attached to the heart and a mild shock is applied. The shock can ensure a regular heartbea

Sex of Donor Plays Role in Heart Transplant Survival

The first heart transplant in a human took place in the sixties and the recipient lived 18 days. Today, over 2000 people receive a heart transplant every year and 3/4's of these transplants are preformed on males. A recent study presented last week to the American Heart Association seems to suggest that the gender of the donor and recipient can play an intricate role in survival. The study, presented at a conference on November 12, 2008, suggests that recipients who receive a heart from a person of the

Avoiding Peanuts Products Might Not Be Best Choice for Parents

Due to the serious nature of peanut allergies, doctors have sought ways to reduce the risk of becoming allergic. Until recently, it was generally accepted that mothers should avoid peanuts during pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Further, it was suggested that foods containing peanuts should not be given to young children, in order to prevent peanut allergy. This is still the recommendation in the UK and in Australia, but recently doctors in the United States stopped sharing this recommendation. Despite thi

A Brief Introduction to Brain Computer Interfaces

There are a lot of ways to control a computer, but perhaps the most recognized is the traditional mouse and keyboard. These are the most common ways to interact with a computer, but for many, using a keyboard or a mouse is not possible. This is one of the reasons that scientists have been experimenting with controlling a computer with the mind for around forty years. A Brain Computer Interface, or BCI, refers to a system that allows the brain to directly communicate with a computer.

New Injectable Bone Cement Might Make Bone Grafts Unnecessary

Scientists at Nottingham University in the UK have just announced the development of a new type of bone scaffolding that could be used to make treating bones much easier and ultimately more effective. This scaffolding, which is a type of bone cement, offers many advantages over traditional cements, which can only be used in certain parts of the body. Eventually, this new technology could potentially be used in place of bone grafts, which can be very painful and require a surgical operation to implement.

How the Body Helps Bones Heal

The body is amazing and in many cases capable of healing itself. Broken bones, or fractures, are one type of injury that is often in large part healed by cells in the body. Almost as soon as the fracture occurs, the body begins working to keep the bone in place and facilitate healing.

How Doctors Treat Broken Bones

In many cases, the body can completely heal a broken bone, but left untreated, it can heal unevenly and unsafely. There are also many complications that can arise as the result of a broken bone, so it is a good idea to see a doctor. Doctors will determine the extent of the injury, then proceed with treatment as appropriate. Find out how a broken bone is treated and some of the complications that can arise in this post.

Magic Dust Might Hold Key to Regenerative Growth

This month, scientists sponsored by the Army met to showcase and share some of their research. Among the projects was one group who was able to regrow the tip of a mans finger. The group used a substance called Extracellular Matrix, which is used in the womb to help a child grow. The substance, which was nicknamed "magic dust" by the scientists is actually an extract from a pig and has been used by veterinarians for some time to help horses heal.

Scientists Create Artificial Bone Marrow

Scientists have recently announced the creation of artificial bone marrow, which can be grown in a laboratory. Bone marrow is used by the body to create blood cells, which makes it a vital component of the bodies immune system. Scientists were not only able to create the bone marrow, but were also able to get it to produce blood.

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