Scientists Able to Recreate Spinal Muscular Atrophy Cells in Laboratory

Researchers have recently found a way to create stem cells and nerve cells that are infected with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This allows them to better test and research the disease, which had been very difficult before, because it is different in animals than it is in people. The discovery is also exciting, because it makes use of artificially created pluripotent stem cells, which are used in the womb. These cells could theoretically be used to create any of the over 200 different types of cells found in

Diet Might be More Important than Exercise at Fighting Obesity

Most experts on weight loss and dieting will tell you that exercise and weight loss go hand in hand, but the degree of importance can vary. A new study preformed by the Loyola University seems to indicate that a persons diet might play a much larger role in weight loss than exercise does. This study compared African American women from Nigeria and America, to determine how burning calories compared to weight loss.

Six New Obesity Genes Found

Today, the Department of Health and Human Services reports that only one state has an obesity rate lower than 20% and that obesity has been growing steadily since 1985. To help better understand and fight obesity, scientists and doctors have been researching obesity for some time now. A recent study found six new genes that play a role in obesity. These genes further findings that genetics do play a role in obesity.

How is BMI Calculated

BMI or Body Mass Index is a way of using a persons height and weight to determine if they are overweight. This is the standard method of determining obesity and is explained further in this post.

Cancer Immunotherapy and the Measles Virus

Recently, a study preformed with the support of the Mayo Clinic found that measles was effective at treating pancreatic cancer in mice. This is a type of Cancer Immunotherapy, which jump starts the body's own immune system to find and kill cancer cells. Cancer Immunotherapy can actually trace its roots back many hundreds of years, with reports of Cancer being cured after an infection.

Robotic Exoskeletons in Medicine

An engineer from Israel recently announced the creation of a robotic suit, which helps someone who is paralyzed from the waist down walk again. While the suit moves rather slowly, its inventor says it has great psychological benefits. The suit is one of many creations of robotic exoskeleton's, which are being used and experimented with as a means of increasing the mobility of paralyzed individuals.

Doctors Use Immunotherapy to Treat Peanut Allergies

Peanut allergies can be very serious and very dangerous. Approximately 1% of those living in the United States is affected by peanut allergies and this number seems to be growing. Several recent studies seem to conclude that immunotherapy, which has been used to treat people with allergies for some time, could be used to treat those with peanut allergies. In a study recently conducted at Duke University, doctors were able to effectively reduce the effects peanut allergy in a test group of children. It is

Getting a Good Nights Sleep Related to Weight Loss

Not getting enough sleep can do more than just make your day long, but it actually can negatively affect your health. A recent study shows that it also play a part in how inclined you are to snack during the day.

Calcium and Vitamin D Found to Quickly Strengthen Bones

During a recent study, scientists set out to show that Calcium and Vitamin D could quickly strengthen bones. Using 5,000 new Female Navy Recruits, all of whom had a low daily calcium intake, the researchers found that there was a significant decrease in stress fractures among those who took calcium and vitamin d daily.

Canadian Researchers Develop New Tuberculosis Vaccine

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada have recently announced a new tuberculosis vaccine. A clinical trial for this vaccine, which has already been tested in animals and deemed safe, is set to begin soon.

Diabetes: A Brief Introduction

Diabetes Affects millions of Americans every year, at an increasing rate. There are two main types of diabetes, but both involve the bodies inability to properly process glucose, which is a type of blood sugar that provides the body with energy. This article offers a brief glimpse into what diabetes is and how it affects people.

Symptoms of Diabetes and Ketoacidosis

Diabetes is a disease the prohibits the body from properly using and processing glucose. Glucose is a type of sugar that is used to provide the body with energy. A number of complications can result due to the bodies inability to properly process glucose and often will often turn to fat to provide energy. This can result in weight loss and cause Ketoacidosis. Learn more about the symptoms of diabetes and Ketoacidosis in this article.

Scientists Able to Repair Insulin Producing Cells in Pancreas

In a recent study concluded at the Baylor College of Medicine, scientists were able to inject mice with a special gene that caused the liver cells to repair the pancreas and its insulin producing cells. This discovery could eventually help treat and possibly even cure diabetes.

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Medicine Grown from Tobacco Plants

Tobacco has very deep roots in many cultures, with its use being traced back many thousands of years. Due to its health risks, it has begun to fall out of favor in many countries, but several recent studies dealing with growing clinical grade pharmaceuticals could help revitalize the tobacco industry and push it in a completely different direction. Most recently, scientists have reported that they were able to create a very strong anti-inflammatory drug, Interleukin-10, using genetically altered tobacco

The Differences Between Type I and Type II Diabetes

While there are several different types of diabetes, they can typically be divided into two groups, which differ in how the body uses and produces insulin. These two types of diabetes, which are referred to as Type I Diabetes and Type II Diabetes, share a number of similarities. This article describes some of the similarities and differences of these two types of diabetes.

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